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Q4 duel revival cup #1 written by poliakov, 2016-04-29 13:57 CEST (0 comments)


It's time to revival q4!

You have to create an account on tourney.cc and sign-ups here :
http://q4rebornleague.tourney.cc/sign-ups/ [q4rebornleague.tourney.cc]

Cup will start 9 may or 16 may, depends if we're 8 or not.
Sign up are open to 8 players, if we are more i will change the scheduling.

Scheduling :
Cup will be play in one week :
First round : monday to wednesday
Second round : thrusday to saturday
FINAL : Sunday

Rules :
- quake4 1.4.2
- mod : q4max 0.82 + vote mod duel125 on the server
- schedule with your opponents or at least admin will decide
- maps : phrantic, monson, placebo, torment, ravage
- Timelimit : 10 min
- BEST of 3 maps, each player choose a map and if score is 1-1, each player remove one map

One word about servers, i add 6 servers with mods and map #q4reborn. Servers are locate to NL.
If you have lag or problem with the server, send me a mail to q4reborn@gmail.com.

Hope we will be 8!

Enjoy :)

ps : if you have problem to reinstall q4 or any question q4reborn@gmail.com
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